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Oh the Places From Which You Can Teach

You’ve seen pin maps used to show where you’ve traveled? Here is my map to show some of the places from where I have virtually taught.

Map from where Cindy Carbajal has taught virtually

Oh the Places from which you can Teach via

  • My office
  • My home
  • Airports
  • Coffee Shops
  • Starbucks in Irvine (between a faculty appreciation breakfast at UCI and staff party at CapoCA)
  • a pub in Sacramento
  • Hotel Room
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Hotel gymSome of the advantages of online learning is the flexibility of the time, place, and pace, for both the students and the teachers.  My students have logged in to my synchronous lessons from even more exotic (France, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines) and practical places (ice skating rink, gym, set, the road, etc).  Travels, talents, vacations, and family emergencies do not have to interrupt learning. 

    What about you?  From where have you taught virtually?


About CindyCarbajal

Virtual K-5 Teacher, UC Irvine Extension Virtual Teacher Certificate program instructor, Collector of Virtual Instruction Tools


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