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So… what do you do?

Sometimes I try to avoid the question of what I do.  I try to go with the quick answer that I’m an elementary teacher.  However, this often leads to the questions of where? (Capistrano Connections Academy, a virtual charter school) or what grade? (3rd-5th), which then leads to more questions: how does that work?  what does it look like? do you have a classroom?  do you ever see your students? is that a real job?

I enjoy talking about what I do, but I’m never sure how much information the other person really wants to know, or how much time they have.  I also feel bad for close family and friends that hear my continuous explanations.  In any rate, it’s become necessary to develop a series of bullet points to concisely explain what I do:

  • A K-12 Virtual School resembles an independent study program mixed with online college
  • The majority of my virtual teaching time is spent:
    • grading student work
    • answer questions via phone and email
    • making calls and emails to stay in touch with students & learning coaches, verify student work, and modifying the curriculum
    • planning/attending field trips
    • preparing and teaching synchronous lessons via the internet
  • CapoCA is a virtual, public charter school – meaning no tuition for students and participating in state testing
  • I don’t have a classroom.  I split my weeks working in an office and at home.
  • I’m part of the career ladder, so I also have leadership roles

Sometimes I hope that one day simply saying “I’m a virtual teacher” or “I teach the gifted 3rd-5th grade program at CapoCA” will be self-explanatory, but at the same time I’m happy to answer questions and go into more detail of what I do.

What do you think?  Are you a virtual teacher with similar experiences in explaining what you do?  Or are you just learning what a being a virtual teacher means?


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Virtual K-5 Teacher, UC Irvine Extension Virtual Teacher Certificate program instructor, Collector of Virtual Instruction Tools



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