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How can you teach math virtually, or explain a math concept from a distance?  There are many ways.  On Friday, a student in my Gifted Math 3 course did not understand the question below.  He wrote an email message to me explaining how he thought his answer choice was correct, but didn’t understand how the second option should be correct. I quickly took a screen shot of the problem, and then used PowerPoint to draw Smart Art over the diagram to show how the correct answer makes sense.

Victor used 4 tangram pieces to make a pentagon shaped like the one below.  Which Tangrams did he use?  Multip Choice answers and drawing to show correct answer. The student was able to ask his question on his time, and receive a response from me via email message when he was ready to check again.  He now has a written and visual explanation of his question to refer.

What other ways have you found you can teach math concepts at a distance, virtually, or asynchronously?


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