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Digital Learning Day 2012

For the inaugural Digital Learning Day, my virtual students will wake up and log in to their Connexus homepages to a Webmail message from me, Mrs. Carbajal.

My students will continue their regular online studies, but I’m going to take advantage of the day and evaluate the 3rd-5th graders’ current technology skills, and what else we can incorporate into our lessons.

Using Google Forms, I created the survey below to determine what technology my 3rd-5th graders currently have access to, what they are already using, and what they’d like to do in the following areas:

  • text messaging
  • mobile devices
  • educational websites or apps
  • Twitter

I also created a message board discussion post for the students to share use of additional technology tools as project options.  Students have gotten the hang of PowerPoint already in their shared writing lesson online, and I want to give them some additional options to interact with and pursue.


About CindyCarbajal

Virtual K-5 Teacher, UC Irvine Extension Virtual Teacher Certificate program instructor, Collector of Virtual Instruction Tools


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