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Do you Scoop It?

I recently learned about Scoop It from Twitter.  Scoop It is a great place to keep track of things you read and come across online that you find useful, specifically to a certain topic.

This is a screen shot of my first curated topic, Virtual Instruction:

Screen Shot of Scoop It Topic Virtual Instruction

You can add the “Scoop It” button to your browser menu bar, and when you are on a particular article, website, or blog page you can add it right to your curated topic page.  It adds an image and description automatically, or you can add your own.  You can suggest posts for the topic areas you follow too.Scoop it App

Some of the benefits I see to Scoop It are:

  • quickly save good information
  • organize by category (it’s okay if your topics overlap)
  • can follow other topics and “rescoop”
  • easily shared via twitter in the same step
  • can add information suggested automatically or by other users
  • I get to save what I find useful (and not what I am not interested in)
  • all the good resources are shown in one place, rather than a series of book marks or weblinks

I find Scoop It very user-friendly, and a great way to store information I want to refer back to on various topics. I now have the following topics: Virtual Instruction, Transitioning Online, Common Core Coming to California, Virtual Leadership, and Public Speaking and Presentations. 

Do you use Scoop It?  What do you think?  What other useful tools do you have for your own professional reading and information gathering/sharing?